COED’s Kick Ass Q & A With The Cast of MTV’s “College Life”


I really can’t give MTV’s new series “College Life” enough praise.  I’m not a huge fan of the whole reality thing, but since the show is shot by the students themselves it really puts a good spin on a tired genre.

Every episode is chocked-full of the real life drama of being an actual freshman at one of America’s largest party schools – the University of Wisconsin. Check out for yourself, you can watch all the episodes online in full here.

We caught up with the star’s of the show Josh, Kevin, Jordan and Andrea and asked them a few questions about  hooking-up, drinking, studying and if women can be considered pimps and men sluts.

JH-skydiveQuestion 1: How many dates before you consider hooking up?

Josh: “One”

Kevin: “One”

Jordan: “Zero. If it’s right it’s right.”

Andrea: “I believe in saving myself until marriage, so however many dates it takes to put a ring on my finger. :) However, I don’t think there is anything wrong with kissing on the first date – if you think he’s a guy and you are comfortable.”


Justin and IQuestion 2: How many drinks are too many drinks?

Josh: “The one right before you get the spins”

Kevin: “I always say, one more will never kill you.”

Jordan: “Depends on the person. ”

Andrea: “I don’t drink! (crazy I know ;)) My own values put aside, I think that people who drink so much they feel sick the next day and can’t remember what they did is extremely annoying and dangerous to the life we are supposed to be cherishing.”


AE photo 7Question 3: How many days in a row do you party? How many days in a row do you study?

Josh: “Party=2 days in a row and study= 2 days in a row…Can’t do either too much gets old”

Kevin: “I like to combine the 2 and do it every night.”

Jordan: “Seven and seven”

Andrea: “I go out every Friday and Saturday (and sometimes Thursday :)) Every other day of the week I try to get some quality studying time in. Being that I don’t drink, a lot of times I’ll stay out till 3 in the morning and then go study by the lake or at the library at 8 AM while everyone else is sleeping until 2 PM (that’s my favorite time to study because no one is around).”


JH and AE game dayQuestion 4: Can males be sluts? Can girls be pimps? Why?

Josh: “Males can be sluts but it’s called a man whore. You become a man whore when you hook up with more than one girl in a night or you hook up with different girls more than twice a week. Girls, I don’t think can be pimps it just doesn’t make sense to me.”

Kevin: “No and No. Society man, that’s just how it is.

Jordan: “I believe the correct term for a male slut is man-whore and a girl pimp is usually referred to as a suga mama. I’ve encountered both. They do exist.”

Andrea: “HELL YES! I think those are terms that describe someone’s actions – not their gender.”


KT2Question 5: Do you think you will meet the person you will marry while in college?

Josh: “Yes, that’s where you are supposed to meet them.”

Kevin: “No”

Jordan: “To be honest I think I’ve already met the girl I’m going to marry. I’ve known her since I was five. I can’t tell you how we met because as long as I can remember I’ve known her. I think there’s a special connection between childhood friends that can’t be recreated.”

Andrea: “I don’t know…to be honest I’m not one of those girls that go to college to meet the person they are going to marry. I don’t want to get married until I have established my career and traveled the world, so I don’t have time to settle down and be serious right out of college. I hope to be married by about 28 or 29, so that leaves me a lot of time coming out of college to meet Mr. Right! ”


AE and Erica hs graduationQuestion 6: How old do you want to be when you get married?

Josh: “I would say I could get married at any age if I felt it’s right, but definitely around 24 is when i want to get married”

Kevin: “Old as hell.”

Jordan: “Oh, I don’t know. Originally I would’ve said late twenties but I’m currently smitten. I don’t really see the use in playing the field right now.”

Andrea: “Oops I already answered that in the last one. :)”

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