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Twenty-eight-year-old stunner Crystal Klein is a model and porn star originally from Austria. Crystal started off at the University of Vienna, studying psychology, but left and moved to Hawaii to surf and star her modeling career. She has appeared in many publications, including the Croatian Playboy and as a Penthouse Pet.

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Friday, Apr 24, 2009

Who’s Hot And Who’s Not Heading Into The NFL Draft?

NFL mock drafts have been undergoing dynamic shifts across the internet nearly every week for the past three months, ultimately trying to predict which hotshot prospect is going to land in which NFL city this spring.  Well, draft day is rapidly approaching and now it is time for COED to take a look at who’s hot and who’s not heading into this weekend’s draft.


Thursday, Apr 23, 2009

10 Women We Never Want to See on a Hot List Ever Again!

The votes are finally in for FHM UK’s annual FHM‘s “100 Sexiest Women In The World”. And for the most part, the list is pretty good. But after seeing who all made the cut, we realized that some of the ladies who constantly appear on these lists have no business whatsoever being branded as sex symbols. We know, we’re as guilty as anyone. But we’ve decided enough is enough. Here are the 10 women we never want to see on a ‘Hot’ list ever again! (Ours included…)

tyson-regrets-lead2The 6 Defining Moments that KO’d Mike Tyson’s Career

With the responses we received from “The 11 Most Painfully-Awesome Mike Tyson ‘Punch-outs,'” we pondered how things might have worked out differently if Iron Mike had altered  some of his choices. Don’t get me wrong, in the realm of making wrong choices throughout your entire lifetime, Iron Mike is the king. From wishing to stomp on a child’s testicles to misusing “impetuous” a myriad of times, Mike Tyson made a career out of wrong choices. These are some of the strategically place poor choices that helped define Iron Mike as one of the saddest cases in sports history.


Wednesday, Apr 22, 2009

viral-video-lead14 Rad Viral Video Ringtones

Being the internet junkies that we are, we’ve noticed that there’s always at least one audio clip from viral videos that makes us here in the COED office laugh harder than any other part. Which got us thinking, wouldn’t it be awesome to have viral video ringtones? Well, now we do! From Rimjobs to Bill O’Reilly, here are 14 rad viral video ringtones, which you can download in either .Mp3 format or for your iPhone. Enjoy!

medical-marijuana-headerNew York Likely to Pass Medical Marijuana Bill

For all of you terminally ill people out there who’ve been endlessly jealous of all the Californians that have been getting to smoke their pain away, your day in the haze may be coming soon. According to the Buffalo News, the New York legislature is poised to approve a medical marijuana bill in this session, making the forbidden plant available to patients (who meet the qualifications, of course) in the state. New York would be the 15th state to approve medical marijuana.

Tuesday, Apr 21, 2009

party-pics-leadParty Pics of Playboy’s Top 10 Party Schools – 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official – Playboy has released their list of the top 25 best party schools of 2009. And we have to say, this year, they’ve definitely outdone themselves with some of the most party-licious, skin-tastic school in the country making their Top 10. But instead of making you just take our word for it, we’ve compiled party pictures from the Top 10 Party Schools, so you can see what exactly you’ve been missing.


Monday, Apr 20, 2009

cia-torture-techniques-leadTop 3 CIA Torture Techniques Besides Waterboarding

Now that the President has shown everyone in the world what $8 Billion worth of military and interrogation research can yield, it is time we ponder where the money was best spent. Yeah, yeah, yeah – waterboarding seems to  get top billing, but if the 9/11 mastermind can withstand over 200 sessions, the alternates should really get a chance in the limelight. The goal of these ‘interrogation techniques’ is, after all, to establish a ‘baseline,’ a state in which the detainee has accepted that they have absolutely no control over basic human needs – similar to living in West Virginia or being a fat stripper. The three basic techniques are: nudity, sleep deprivation and dietary manipulation, but when combined with other particular activities, our friends at the CIA have found some of the most valuable combinations for interrogation.

pot-girl-leadHappy 420: Smokin’ Hot Girls Smokin’ Pot

For marijuana lovers, there is no greater holiday than April 20th, better known as 420. It’s a day of non-rememberance, when pot smokers gather to, well, smoke as much F’ing weed as possible and enjoy life lived through the haze of THC-induced happiness. But besides a wheelbarrow-full of munchies, the only thing that can make this special day better is a super smokin’ lady to light-up with. Or, you know, 53 of them. Happy 420! Enjoy!

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