New Allison Stokke Facebook Pics!!


Allison Stokke might be the most “internet famous” female athlete on Earth. Ever since our sister site College Candy published this sexy photo of Stokke way back in June of 2007 the then 18 year-old high school senior from California’s star rose to meteoric levels. And now we have the latest pics!

COED is no stranger to this pole vaulting hottie: Stokke was #5 on our list of World’s Sexiest Female Athletes. She made the cut in 50 Women Who Wowed in 2008, can you spot her butt? We even went overboard and created The Complete Allison Stokke Web-Photo Index, a collection of every Stokke photo that exists on the net, well over 100 photos total.

Now that Stokke has been nominated for Sexiest Athlete at the 2009 Spike’s Guy’s Choice Awards, we thought it’d be a good time to get these new gems out there and running with these new Facebook pics.

A loyal COED reader couldn’t have had better timing. He was nice enough to contact us through our Facebook group saying he came across some new, exclusive Stokke pictures on Facebook.

Allison Stokke in the wild?! Yes please! – check them out below.

UPDATE: Another user emailed us a link to photos from a track meet he recently shot. Allison Stokke was competing at the meet and he got some great photos. Check them out here!

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