Vote For Facebook Terms of Service, Now!

You’re concerned about Facebook’s new Terms of Service, right? There is only a day and a half left to cast you vote deciding whether or not Zuckerberg goes with the ToS written in September 2008 without user input, or the new one they’ve drafted over the last month based on suggestions from the Facebook community.

Consumerist makes a good point saying, “Facebook is calling the Internet’s collective bluff on being concerned about this. To avoid what one might call the tyranny of the easily outraged—to keep from making a major policy change because of some perfect storm of Twitter, Consumerist, and the mass media—they’re requiring that at least 30% of active users in the past month participate in the vote for it to count.”

They don’t “think that’s entirely unreasonable; after all, if you care about this, it’s painless and quick to cast a vote either way. It creates a huge obstacle to overcome, however. As of tonight—about 40 or so hours before the the voting ends—only 300,000 users have cast their vote. For the vote to count, somewhere between 60 and 70 million users will need to vote. Um, yeah.”

So have you cast you vote yet because the lack of participation is embarrassingly low for a issue we were “concerned” about just a few weeks back. Read all about it here!

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