“College Life” Cast Tells COED About Life Off Camera


“College Life” follows eight freshman and sophomore students — Josh, Alex, Lindsay, Andrea, Dan, Anna, Jordan and Kevin — attending school in Madison, Wisconsin. The students have been equipped with cameras and given a mission: film your College Life. The result is an intimate portrayal of the highs and lows of the experience, a no-holds barred, honest portrayal of life on campus. The academic and social pressures they face are real, as is the drama of lives that are being lived in real time.

COED’s has decided to bring two of the show’s stars on as guest writers to keep you updated on life away from the cameras.  Below you’ll hear from 18-year-old freshman Alex from Montgomery, Texas and fellow freshman 19 year-old Andrea from Wisconsin.

Check out the trailer, a sneak peek of Monday’s episode and get dorm room tours from the show’s stars.


alex281x211College Life | Alex

It all started in September, almost eight months ago. I just moved across the entire country from Texas, said the mushy goodbye to the parents, settled my things into my dorm, bought my overpriced textbooks, and finally tasted the sweet beginnings of ultimate freedom. Little did I know that in less than a few weeks, my freshman year of college was going to be completely transformed with an opportunity of a lifetime – ‘working’ for MTV.

Overall, my freshman year has turned out to be a collaboration of a bitter-sweet journey—comprised of both tribulations and triumphs. More so than any other year, I have grown and molded myself into the person I had always sought to become. Unfortunately, I have faced the pain of losing loved ones, dealt with a devastating blow to my hometown, have struggled with academic and social adjustments, and I have had the heavy load of filming it every step of the way. Nevertheless, my honest experiences have made me a better person in the end. Looking back, I reflect on priceless moments that a person can only experience on a college campus—from huge parties, to lectures taught by passionate professors, to wonderfully delicious cafeteria food, to late nights in the dorms and epic overnighter study sessions, to meeting amazing friends, and even developing a close relationship with a special someone, life has been beautifully chaotic.

School, as many of ya’ll know, is tough. We finally have to balance an infinite amount of independence with a mass quantity of papers, assignments, readings, and tests. It’s hard, but not impossible. So when I additionally signed on as a cast member of “College Life,” it was difficult because of my ceaseless commitment to academics. Not only is school an important part of who I always have been, but it’s a priority and necessity for me to maintain certain grades. Indeed, the stress of balancing a show, school, and my social scene was a bit too much at times.

So, in just a few days the show is finally going to air. The actual realization of my face appearing on a major network, for a whole nation to see, is both exciting and intimidating. Sure, there will be the haters. But, hopefully, there will be at least one person who will take something that I’ve said, something that I’ve done, and relate to it. That’s why I initially signed up for the show. I wanted to affect at least one person, and for them to not only identify, but to feel like they aren’t alone. After all, we all are part of this crazy world, and sometimes when we face things that make us feel that loneliness, the assurance that there is someone else out there who has made the same mistake, has the same insecurities, feels the same pain, makes us feel like we can not merely cope, but can recover.

The countdown begins. Maybe it’s just a show to ya’ll, but for me, it’s a new beginning in my life.


andrea3-281x211College Life | Andrea

Hey, it’s Andrea! So, the premiere is definitely creeping up on me, it feels like just yesterday I was moving into my dorm completely unaware of the path my freshman year would lead me down. I went through the first week of school slowly transitioning into the ‘college lifestyle,’ walking all over campus, sitting in lectures with 200 people, studying outside (or at least trying to study between pickup games of football and volleyball), going out (without a curfew), and getting used to being away from my parents. I never thought that soon I would be filming my freshman experience to share with others across the country.

I am a Bible-believing, Christian and I full-heartedly believe that everything happens for a reason, and being chosen for this show, while totally unexpected, was definitely part of God’s plan. About 2 weeks after moving in, a friend of mine sent me an email and told me I should audition for a documentary that was going to be filmed in Madison. When I received the e-mail there was only one day of auditions left and I had chemistry lab during the majority of it, but the next day my chemistry lab ended early, so in ripped jeans, and a oversized, Wisconsin basketball t-shirt I resolved to give this mysterious, documentary try-out a shot. Three days after my audition, I received a call telling me that I had been selected to participate in the new project, ‘College Life.’ Needless to say, I was ecstatic! I have always enjoyed living out loud, and now I would have the opportunity to show people that a Christian, non-drinking, virgin can go to a party school of 40,000 students and have the time of her life! Whoever says that getting drunk and hooking up is the only way to have a good time has yet to meet me. I have to be honest (and you’ll soon see), drama seems to follow me around like the plague, but with God’s help I have found my way through the good and bad. I’m excited, curious and a little anxious for the show to air because it is a true account of my freshman year highs and lows and the lessons in between. Oh – and in case you didn’t know, the first episode airs Monday at 10:30PM ET/PT, so make sure you check it out. Talk to you soon!

MTV’s new show “College Life” premiere’s on Monday, April 13th at 8:30 p.m.

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