2009 Masters Badges Cheapest Ever!

masters-leadIf you ever dreamed of walking the 12th hole of the Augusta National Golf Course during the Masters Tournament but the price was certain to your ass ’til Tuesday, then today is that day.  Never before in the history of the 75 year-old tournament have badges been so cheap and easily obtainable to the general public .  Blame the ecomomy, blame AIG or blame Congress for calling out corporate executives on their frivolous spending habits and ridiculously excessive bonuses, but the fact of the matter is, demand is way down and the opportunity exists for fans to attend the last two days of the Granddaddy of All Golf Tournaments for as less than half of the price of years past.

One day badges  for Thursday and Friday, which typically run between $1000 to $2000 a day sold on the secondary market for $175 to $500. Prices for the weekend are expected to remain about the same, but buyer beware.  Brokers on the web are continuing to post ridiculous prices hoping to catch a few last-minute diehards still packing expendable incomes. I spoke with Andrew at the Austin Ticket Company today and he says prices in Augusta are a great bit lower than the prices you will see online.  So, if you are serious and want to go, pick up the phone and call your ticket broker or give Andrew a call in Augusta: 706.410.1431.

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