The 5 Worst Carrot Top Bits


In the industry, the name ‘Carrot Top’ goes hand-in-hand with sh!tty comedy. In fact, his act is like the punchline of a joke; a joke that makes him millions each year playing in front of tourists in Vegas. The steroid-induced, plastic surgery-hybrid funnyman has some painfully awful bits. Here’s how a Vegas site describes his act: The award-winning comedy of “Carrot Top” keeps his audience laughing as he unpacks trunk loads of crazy props and wacky inventions. But what are the all time worst Carrot Top routines? Here’s my pick for the worst five.


1. Wendy’s Girl

Carrot Top puts on some hairclips, then goes, “Look it’s the Wendy’s Girl. I never knew it!” Laughter ensues. A picture of the Wendy’s girl is held up to further clarify.


2. Bill Clinton’s Pants With An Alarm On The Zipper

As you might have known, Bill Clinton got a hummer from a porky White House intern back in the `90’s. Carrot Top recaptures the hilarity by creating these special pair of trousers.


3. Envelope For People Mailing In Their Taxes

“It’s not fun mailing your taxes in unless you do it like that (Holds up envelope shaped like “the finger,”) Hey mailman I got one more!” Oooooh Carrot Top!


4. His Grandma’s Bra

The king of Carrot pulls out an extra large saggy bra. Guess what? It’s his grandma’s! Oh, Carrot Top!


5. The Device So Guys don’t Forgot to Bring Home the Baby From the Barbeque

“I got the baby! I got the baby!” cries the prop-king while demonstrating his latest concoction of hilarity.

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