Bruno Slapped with NC-17

bruno470The kiddies won’t get to enjoy the new Sasha Baron Cohen movie if the MPAA has their way. A “docu-comedy”, “Bruno” has Cohen reprise his role as a gay, Austrian, fashionista from “Da Ali G Show”, on a journey throughout America that is sure to offend just about advocacy group you can think of.

Like his 2006 hit, Borat, “Bruno” will employ Cohen’s trademark style of tricking unsuspecting bystanders into saying outrageous things in outlandish situations. Some of those situations include going on a talk show and asking for a boyfriend to help him raise a black baby named O.J.,getting stage moms to permit their children to portray Nazis putting Jews into ovens, and of course over the top gay antics in the Bible Belt.

Cohen is currently appealing the NC-17 rating and, like Borat, will most likely edit the movie to get an R rating for it’s theatrical release in July with an unrated DVD to be released later in the year.  As for lawsuits from unsuspecting bystanders…we don’t know yet, but you know they’ll be coming.

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