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Playboy Wants To Get College Girls Naked


Playboy is blitzing a college near you with one goal in mind: Compile a group of the hottest girls on campus and get them to take their clothes off!

God bless America! And got bless Hugh Hefner!

Here are some of the tactics Playboy will use to get college girls across America to take off their clothes on camera.

Tactic # One: Does anyone else remember our feature from way back in October 2008 called Playboy U’s Wet T-Shirt Contest? If you don’t then check it out for your health dummy! Anyone who doesn’t want to see 25 pictures of girls getting nasty on the beaches of Cabo can kindly leave COED Magazine Online and never return.

In the spirit of spring break 2009 Playboy U has expanded on this wet t-shirt idea and created the first ever online wet t-shirt video contest. Believe me, it’s as hot as it sounds! The only thing girls love more then being “internet famous” is money and it’s a fact that they will do anything to win with $1,000 of Hugh Hefner’s cold hard cash on the line.

Tactic # Two: Just recently Busted Coverage exposed the Hottest Girls of the ACC, their timing couldn’t have been any better. Playboy is in full pursuit of the sexiest Hokies, Eagles, Seminoles and Blue Devils from the ACC. This spring they will visit all 12 schools of the ACC in search of hot babes to appear in the magazine’s annual college girls pictorial.

For more than 50 years it has been one of the top honors in the modeling industry to land a photo spead in Playboy magazine, Marylin Monroe was the first Playboy bunny for sh-t sake. When Playboy throws casting parties at all these schools the hotties will be lining up around the corner, jumping at the fact to appear in Playboy.

COED Writer