The Worst Actors Who Turned to Stand-up

First, actors who turn to stand-up comedy are never funny. They think they are ’cause they played a funny character on TV. Being a recognizable name, they didn’t have to cut their teeth on the stand-up circuit and immediately get precious stage time in L.A. clubs. Usually their acts center on what it was like to be on the particular TV show they were once on. That’s usually followed by airline jokes or bits about the difference between men and woman. Here are my choices for the worst:

1. Dustin Diamond

He played Screech on Saved By the Bell. When the series ended, he turned to stand-up comedy, with a routine riddled with what it was like to be on the TV series Saved by The Bell. Let’s just say, it would have been funnier if he killed a box full of kittens on stage.

2. Michael Richards

He played Kramer on Seinfeld. Then the series ended and he took to the standup comedy stage. How did it work out? I think Richards goes down in history as the most watched person to every scream the ‘n” word on You Tube. If that’s your idea of success, then way to go Michael!

3. Mark “Skippy” Price

He played nerdy Skippy on Family Ties alongside Michael J. Fox. Then the series ended and he became a stand-up comedian. Doing what? Routines about what it was like to play Skippy on Family Ties. He was last seen displaying his stand-up chops as an auctioneer on Last Comic Standing. Boooooorrrrriinnnnnggggg!!

4. Bob Saget

Ok, I know the Full House star originally began as a stand-up comedian. Then came Full House and hosting duties for America’s Funniest Home Videos. Now he tries to break that squeaky clean image by being extra-raunchy in his stand-up act. Bob Saget wants to be “edgy” (with the exception of anything dirty about the Olsen twins). But he still just seems about as funny as AIDS.

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