Gemma Massey and the Week That Was: March 16th – March 20th


Brunette bombshell, 24-year-old Gemma Massey is a bangin’ British glamour model. While she’s still relatively unknown in the US, Gemma has appeared in a ton of companies and other publications, including Zoo, Loaded, FHM, Nuts and Ice magazines, Ed Hardy eyewear and The Sun‘s Page 3.

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Friday, March 20, 2009


How to Fake iPhone 3.0, Now!

If you have an iPhone, chances are good that you’re anxiously awaiting the release of the 3.0 software, which isn’t scheduled to come out until around F’ing June! But with a little bit of finagaling and a few app downloads, you can have a ton of the 3.0 features, like cut, copy and paste, turn-by-turn GPS directions, landscape keyboard and Bluetooth file transfers, right freakin’ now. Sure, it’s not going to be exactly the same, but if you can’t wait a couple of months for this thing to drop, then this is your answer.


The Most Valuable College Basketball Teams

Each spring, the NCAA holds its 65-team tournament to determine the nation’s top college basketball program. What began with little fanfare 70 years ago has since evolved into March Madness, one of the most anticipated annual events on the sporting calendar. More than fun, it’s big business. Office pools and other tournament wagers total some $2.5 billion each year according to Federal Bureau of Investigation estimates, while the lure of buzzer-beating shots and unlikely upsets attract a TV and Internet audience to CBS (nyse: CBS – news – people ) of 140 million over the course of the tournament.


49 Sexy Stocking Stunners

As you hopefully know by now, the outfit a woman wears has a huge impact on how smokin’ she looks. And nothing helps that noble cause more than the sexy styling of the stocking. There’s just something about how this ingenious garment looks on the legs that can make a man lose his damn mind.

So to push you one step closer to the loony bin, we’ve put together this tribute to stockings that’s so hot, you might have to take a break to get all the way through.

Warning: Some of these links have NSFW ads – but so what? Having a job is overrated anyway.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

picture-2-12-12-4735 Reasons Why a Mini Basketball Hoop Is a Dorm Room Essential

Screw your TV, fridge, microwave, laundry basket, desk and so on. The most essential object you can have in a dorm room object is the indoor mini basketball hoop.

It’s March Madness season and if you don’t have a mini basketball hoop time you’ve been missing out.

Here are a few reasons why you need a mini basketball hoop.


The Babes of March Madness 2009

Get pumped-up! Thursday marks the start of the basketball playing insanity that is NCAA March Madness.

And pretty much no matter how you’ve bet, there’s going to be a lot of ups and a lot of downs. So give a break from sweating over your bracket choices, we’ve put together a compilation of hotties from every single one of the 64 schools competing. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


5 Comic Books That Should Never Be Made Into Movies

Everyone goes ga-ga when they make the big screen version of  such comic books as Iron Man or Watchmen.

But it seems  that pretty soon they are going to run out of A-list comic book characters to do movie adaptations. In anticipation of that clustersuck, here are my pick of comic books that should never be made into Hollywood movies.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


69 Super Sexy Gamer Girls

Since the beginning of time – or at least since the release of the Commodore 64 – man has reveled in the awesome hotness that is the ‘gamer girl.’ These rare specimens of humanity can bring even a level 12 Mage to his knees with horniness. So to celebrate this elusive powerhouse of attraction, we’ve compiled 69 of these glorious hotties for your viewing pleasure. Just don’t blame us when your brain explodes from sexiness overload.


Complete Online Guide To St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! If things are going according to plan, you should already be about 9 beers in to this awesomest holiday. And to help you along with your festivities, we’ve compiled all the best St. Patty’s day content from around the Web.

So whether you need to find another place to drink, someone to drunk dial or just want to look at hot chicks wearing green, this is your one stop shop for all the greatest St. Patty’s day stuff the Internet has to offer – you know, if you’re not already too drunk to use the Internet.


Monday, March 16, 2009


Pimp Your Twitter Profile: 49 Badass Twitter Backgrounds

As you know well by now, microblogging Site Twitter is the current hot thing online. So much so that bloggers are abandoning blogging at all, opting instead for the quick, 149-character posts that get information out in an instant. And if things keep going this way, it’ll be nearly impossible to NOT have a Twitter page, if you expect to keep up with times. So whether you’re a tweeting veteran or just now picking out your profile icon, we’ve decided to help you pimp-out that Twitter page with these 49 kick ass backgrounds. From tech-style to bodacious babes, there’s something here for everyone. Choose wisely.


Travel Genius: Atlantic City, NJ Dos and Don’ts

What to do while traveling and what not to do. These are things you should know. Every city, every state, country, region…they’re all different. And I’m here to tell you what to do and what not to do based on my own experiences. Starting with Atlantic City, New Jersey. Let’s pretend you find yourself in Atlantic City, New Jersey. There’s likely only one reason why: gambling. Gambling is legal and blossoming in this grim and gray beach town. If you East-Coasters can’t afford the trip to the desert’s Las Vegas to give your luck at the Black Jack table a turn, Atlantic City is where you’ll likely end up for your gambling getaway. But beware…A.C. is no Las Vegas. I recently visited the city and have these pieces of advice for you:

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