Resident Evil 5 Gets Bloody


Ever wanted to put a rusty chainsaw through the mug of your best gaming pal? Get set for the latest twist in the Resident Evil franchise as game number five dumps the cooperative multi-player angle and pitches players up against each other thanks to a new online ‘Versus’ mode.

Released separately to the game’s physical launch, the mode’s available for download from Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network, and lets up to four gamers join in the horrorcore fun, either as a bloody ‘Survivor’s Rule’ last-man-standing melee or in a rack-up-the-body-count ‘Slayer’s Rule’ shoot-out where the player who offs the most Majinis takes the spoils.

At only $4.99 on the PlayStation Network and 400 fanciful Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE, covering yourself with blood and guts has never been this easy.

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