Who Knew College Woodsmen Could Be So Hot?


I usually don’t associate lumberjacks with being “sexy,” but Christiann and Arielle Unger of the University of New Hampshire are breaking the mold.

In a sport dominated by men built like NFL lineman the sisters from Danville, New Hampshire say they feel “at ease holding a microphone or an ax, wearing fingernail polish or blue jeans.” Their teammates on the University of New Hampshire woodsman team say chopping wood”really fits their personality because they are really outdoorsy and outgoing.”

Christiann, the younger of the two, each of whom competed in the 2008 Miss New Hampshire pageant, is a rising star on the schools woodsman team and says she learned how to split a log at age 5. This skill came in handy when the sisters cleared an acre of trees from the family’s three-acre lot with their bare hands.

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