Have2P iPhone App: Never Again Get Caught With Your Pants Up

Nothing shakes a person’s foundation like being caught in a public place when a massive bathroom emergency hits, with no way to find a usable bathroom.

You panic, you sweat, your mouth runs dry as painful bubbles round bends in your irritated intestines causing you to fall to curl into a squatting fetal position on the side walk – needless to say, it’s not pretty.

But with the new Have2P iPhone app, all your problems are solved!

Using the phone’s internal GPS, this free application automatically finds available bathrooms in your vicinity in a matter of seconds. Additionally, the program:

  • Scan helpful tips noted by others, like whether the restroom is for patrons only, if it has a changing table, and how clean it is
  • An urgency detector senses when you (and the phone) are shaking and starts a fresh search for nearby restrooms
  • Use restroom ratings for when you actually have a choice
  • See restrooms on a map
  • Add new restrooms to share with others
  • Find other places nearby with expanded search capabilities
  • Avoid businesses that have been flagged for having no public restrooms – saving you precious time
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