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In the wicked world of porn, some ladies got it – other’s don’t. And 22-year-old blond hottie Bree Olson definitely has it all. After being in the adult film industry since 2006, she’s won a load of awards, including the 2008 AVN award for “Best Anal Sex Scene” and  AVN’s 2009 “Best New Web Starlet” award for her Site [NSFW -duh!]. On top of all that, she was also Penthouse‘s Pet of the Month for March 2008 and has appeared on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Opie and Anthony and The Howard Stern Show. So we thought we’d get the lowdown on this lovely leading lady with a little Q&A. Enjoy!

016COED: When did you decide you wanted to go into the porn industry? What about it did you find appealing?

Bree: I had always wanted to be in adult. I remember watching the wanna be porn stars on Howard Stern and saying I want to go on Howard to see if I can do porn too. I would have done it as soon as I turned 18 but I had a gf at the time and she wouldn’t let me.  We broke up when I was 19 and I got into the biz. I found the sex appealing. I really didn’t know there was this much money involved in it and really didn’t expect the star treatment I have received. Porn’s a much bigger deal to people than I ever realized.

What are some unknown skills a porn star must have to make it in the business?

A girl can be pretty and do a few scenes but to really be a star you have to have several qualities. You have to be punctual,  have good people skills, be creative, innovative, open minded, reliable, energetic, sexual, and you have to be able to take care of yourself just as a mainstream model would like dieting and exercising.

When having sex is your job, how does it change sex in your personal life?

The only thing people don’t like about my job is how little they get to see me because of my extensive travel schedule.

Are there moves you’ll do on camera that you won’t do in private? If so, what are they?


055How do things change as you become a bigger star, in terms of working with photographers and directors and other cast members?

I feel a bit spoiled but I don’t mind. I’ve worked since I was 12 and it’s a good feeling when people show me some appreciation now.

What’s a regular day like for you?

My days vary, one day I could be in LA shooting a movie and the next I could be in New York doing a Store Signing. I not only travel the US but I travel the world. The only continent I haven’t been (besides Antarctica) is Africa and I cant wait to go there someday too. Its really hard to say how my day goes. Even when I am in Indiana and have a day off, I still spend countless hours on the computer working on or Myspace or even doing interviews like this one right here.

If you could have any other job in the world, outside of porn, what would it be?

Before I got into the business and even a little bit at the beginning of my career I was attending Purdue University. I was studying Pre-Med Biology and had hoped someday to be a plastic surgeon. At that time I was also
working full time as a telemarketer in a cubicle the hours I was not in school. I imagine if I wasn’t in adult entertainment I would be in pre-med school now and working at least a part time job on the side.

You are an avid Twitter-user. How has the service changed your job/life?

LOL first Twitter question! I love it! I never even knew such a thing existed. I really like it and its cool to be able to let people know what I’m up to. It’s easy, sometimes its hard for me to sit and write long blogs. But on Twitter I can just write a sentence and people are happy. Its very addicting. I am connecting it to my Website, so my members can check it out, too.

036Do you think that porn is going more mainstream?

I think there is definitely a line drawn between adult and mainstream but I see that line getting thinner everyday. People are becoming much more open with sex and with pornography and its not such a taboo thing anymore.

What are some misconceptions about being a woman in porn you’d like to dispel?

My job is anything BUT easy. I almost never get to be home with my friends. I travel all the time and am often lonely. Airports and hotels are my second home. Everyone thinks having sex is my job, when in reality I have sex less now than I ever had since I became sexually active. Sex is a small fraction of what I do. I am lucky to get in one sex scene a month. Most of my job entails traveling to signings, feature dances, interviews, mainstream events, club and award show appearances, and of course, the work I do on the computer everyday. I have two assistants already to help me with my schedule and organize things. In addition, I have a whole team at Adam & Eve behind me that help me accomplish my goals.  I don’t think the public realizes what all goes into this.

Does sex ever just get boring?


Lastly, any advice for guys who want their girls to get more wild in the bedroom?

Be dominant and be aggressive. Women are submissive by nature, but tend to take control and be cranky when they feel like they are forced to lead. Show her what a man you really are and tell her what you want. She will gladly

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