Olivia Munn “Uses Her Devil Powers To Lure Young Boys Into Sin” ?!?


Olivia Munn’s sole purpose on Earth is to use “her devil powers to expose them (young men) to breasts, uncovers legs, mouth sex acts, sexual suggestions and other unholy things” according to ChristWire.org. And you know what?  We think that’s awesome!

To help publicize their latest rant against the liberal mainstream, which bashes Olivia, calling her “the devil in sheep’s clothing” ChristWire.com actually had the balls to drop a comment and a link on COED.

They specifically targeted our story, Open Letter To Olivia Munn: Show Your Boobs Already! (which has a special twist at the end – we reveal photos of Olivia slipping some nip on air!)

In the comment TyBowers (presumably from ChristWire) said, “Olivia is SIN!” and left a link to a ChristWire.org story, which reads:

I’m in utter disgust this morning as I research this website G4TV. It is a classic case of “devil in sheeps clothing.” I could get into all the different way this filth is against God, but I want to focus on one show and mainly one person….Olivia Munn on Attack of the Show.

This female acts like she is into gaming, cartoons and nerds. What she is doing is, using this wool to lure young men into watching her and then she starts using her devil powers to expose them to breasts, uncovers legs, mouth sex acts, sexual suggestions and other unholy things.

Even her website is full of scum and sin. She posts photos of her half naked and posts videos partaking in simulated sexual acts. On her “blog” she tries to act like she is an every women, who loves regular men. We all know she is using this on youth to gain ratings and to drive traffic to her website, when in reality she is doing drugs with her high dollar pimps.

How the heck do you feel about these wild allegations by ChristWire.org? And, more importantly, is Olivia Munn the devil?

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