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Penny Mathis and the Week That Was: March 2nd – March 6th



5′ 1″ swimsuit model Penny Mathis (aka Jenny P) is proof that the best things come in small packages.  This smokin’ California native is turned-on by genuine guys who smell good and turned-off by pushy guys with bad breath… “You know A-holes.”  So brush your teeth fellas.

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Friday, March 6, 2009


4 Sure-Fire Ways to End Up on the Terrorist Watch List

As the days of “fear” and “terror” being the only sellable news stories increase, we have all heard stories of people named “Johnson” and “Smith” at the top of the terrorist watch list. No matter how many 60 Minutes specials or Dateline exclusives, I can’t help but wonder how in the hell it happens.


Thursday, March 5, 2009


The Complete Drunk Athlete Web Photo Index

It should be no surprise by now that athletes are just like the rest of us – they do stupid sh!t, say stupid sh!t and sometimes even shoot themselves in the leg. But for some reason, seeing photos of these professional (and college) athletes getting wasted off their asses never gets old. So to satisfy that side of you that likes to see people who are good at something make drunken fools of themselves, we’ve put together The Complete Drunk Athlete Web Photo Index. It’ll have you counting your lucky stars that you suck at running in no time.


Top 5 Celebrity Animal Maulings

If I had a chimpanzee, I would surely dress it up in “people clothes.” I think it would be “funny.” But does the chimp have any say in the matter? Hell no. And when that day comes and it attacks me, would people be so damn surprised? Absolutely not – because f**king around with dangerous wild animals is unnatural and retarded. To prove our point, here are the Top 5 Animal Maulings.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Miss COED February 2009 Showdown – Vote Now

We here at COED work hard to bring you the hottest girls from around the world every day with our Miss COEDs. But now it’s time we find out who’s the hottest of them all! From now on, we will be putting every Miss COED from the past month head-to-head to decide Miss COED of the Month. This time, we’re crowing Miss COED February 2009! Voting will end Wednesday, March 11th. But we have to warn you, there’s so many uber-hotties here, it’s going to be a tough decision.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Believe it or not, spring is right around the corner. Hell, some of you lucky bastards are partying it up on spring break as we speak. So to prepare you for the skintastic goodness of the warmer months of the year, we’ve put together the comprehensive bikini guide, giving you an educated look at this year’s hottest bods! There’s a whopping 14 of these bad boys, from the classic to the crazy, so get ready to pick your new favorite piece of swimwear.


The Asylum Party Poll Results Are In!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official: You people love to party. OK, that’s no surprise. But how you party has been a mystery to the world at large, until now. The good men at have taken up the noble task of polling party-goers to find out exactly how you sons-of-bitches tick. And now, with over 83,000 votes cast, the mysteries have been solved – everything from which drinking game is the most popular to which are the worst party fouls. To find out all the results, head over to Asylum now!


Some say strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet. This is true, unless of course, they hate you. In that case, strangers are enemies you haven’t met yet. My point; beware of strangers! So thus the need to know who to properly win a friend, a buddy or amigo.


Monday, March 2, 2009


FHM’s ‘100 Sexiest Women in the World 2009′: Vote Now!

Think you know who the world’s sexiest woman is? If so (or if you just like looking at pictures of ridiculously hot chicks), head over to, where preliminary voting for this year’s ‘100 Sexiest Women in the World’ contest has just kicked off. Just browse through FHM’s pages of all the most gorgeous girls on planet Earth, pick out your top 10, fill in the names in the order you think they should be in and vote!


Texas Independence Babes

Yee-haw – It’s Texas Independence Day!

On this day in 1836, the Texas Declaration of Independence was adopted. And 173 years later, the state is still big as hell and going strong. So to celebrate this under-appreciated holiday, we’ve rounded-up all the hottest Texans we could find. From Jessica Simpson to Jessica Drake, these lovely ladies are definitely not to be messed with.


The Week In Re-Boob: Feb 23rd – March 2nd

Welp, it’s Monday, and you know what that means! Another Week In Re-Boob! We’ve got all the hottest galleries the interweb has to offer. So don’t worry if you missed any of last week’s skintastic sexiness, we’ve got you completely covered. You might want to take a deep breath before diving into this one.

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