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Open Letter To Olivia Munn: Show Your Boobs Already!



Dear Olivia,

It seems as if your sexual antics have picked up steam of late.

On Friday your ultimate cleavage photos hit the internet, and you couldn’t have shown any more cleave without gracing us with a full boob if you tried. (Thank you.) And then there was the video of you jumping head first into a cream pie while wearing a busty French Maid outfit. Sure, the chance of having a boob pop out was low, but once again you raised the bar. Oh, and what about these sexy lingerie photos that I personally feel are your hottest to date?

Any bright, celeb boob-slip loving American with common sense can see where all of this is going: You’re on a collision course for full frontal Internet exposure. So why not just stop beating around the bush and get ‘er done already?!

There are many ways of going about this, so let’s take a look at the laundry list of past celebrities who took the plunge.

In your case, the “Hudgens,” sending erotic SMS photos meant for your boyfriends eye only that were intercepted or accidentally forwarded, would work best because you’re so popular amongst the tech crowd. There’s also the “Abby Clancy,” which involves you visiting a majestic “private” beach and frolicking with no top on but a single paparazzi with a telephoto lens was tipped off last minute by an anonymous source.

Or you could do a “Lohan” and have a classy topless photo-shoot done for the New York Magazine. Or if that’s to PG for your liking do the “Kim Kardashian” and get a little more naughty in Playboy (while making a mint along the way.) Just make sure you don’t do a “Britney‘” and step out of a cab without underwear, it isn’t classy nor looks like an accident; no one will be fooled.

It’s a smart career move, the exposure could land to some big time movie roles. You know, because that’s what you want…

Love always,

Your friends at COED!

UPDATE: Thanks to the crafty detective work of one COED user it has come to our attention that Olivia Munn has flashed her nipple to the world. Check out the quick NSFW GIF left in the comment section of Munn reajusting her boobs and flashing some on-air nip.


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