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How To Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account



Facebook made big news this week after reports came out of a new user agreement that basically makes it possible for Facebook to turn your wall posts into a g*ddamn coffee table book (or do whatever else they want to try to make money off of your life).

Well, needless to say, everyone freaked the hell out out. And after two days of protest, Facebook decided to revert back to their previous terms of service.

But don’t be fooled – the battle is not over and they will do everything in their power to control your content. The only cure is to get out now, while you still can. And we have the answer: the exact link for where you need to go to permanently delete your Facebook account!

This doesn’t just deactivate your account until you decide to log back in and start where you left off. This will delete all of your information – pictures, messages, everything. So only do this if never want to use your profile ever again.

To delete your account, just logged-in, go to this page, click “submit” and your account is gone forever… That’s it.

Viva la Resistance!

(Image: The Other Paper)

  • COED Writer