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Danielle Lloyd and The Week That Was: February 2nd-6th



After winning the Miss England competition in 2004, Lloyd was crowed Miss Great Britain in 2006, but was stripped of her title after posing nude in the December ‘06 issue of Playboy. She then went on to the ever-classy Celebrity Big Brother and got evicted. But something tells us she didn’t have much trouble finding a place to stay.

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Friday: February 6, 2009

pot-smokers-lead-final1The 10 Most Successful Potheads on the Planet… Cool Enough to Admit It

Not only have 42% of Americans admitted to trying pot, but pot smokers have gone on to become some of the most successful people in our society. We’re not talking about Willie Nelson and Snoop. These guys are on the Forbes 500, they’re leading the free world, and they prove that all existing pothead stereotypes are nothing more than myths.


Thursday: February 5, 2009


The 47 Sexiest SI Swimsuit Models of All-Time

On Tuesday February 10th, the 2009 edition of Sports Illustrated’s annual Swimsuit Issue hits newsstands. And we’re so stoked we’ve even tried to predict who the cover model will be! Since first being published in 1964, the Swimsuit Issue is where the world’s most beautiful babes show off all their best assets. But now, we’ve narrowed down the list to the top 47 models ever to grace the glossy pages to give you the best of the best. So, without further adieu, The 47 Sexiest SI Swimsuit Models of All-Time.


RIP Preakness: No More Booze Allowed In The Infield

Preakness officials have made a break with history and will no longer allow alcohol or any other beverages into the infield.  In case you’re not well acquainted with the ways of the Preakness infield, look no further than Dan Steinberg’s report and the classic video of Port-a-John racing.  But guess what?  There’s no limit on the number of ROCKS you can bring to the infield!  A tradition lives on!


5 Creepy Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers are professional speakers whose words are intending to lift up and motivate their audiences. People pay good money to hear these successful speakers (mostly successful because people pay good money to see them). But there’s something really Scientology-like creepy about motivational speakers. Is it the creepy things they say through their mouth of way-too white teeth? Here’s the top 5 creepiest and the crazy fortune cookie who-ha they have to say.


How To Drink Single Malt Whisky Like a Master Distiller

There’s no wrong way to drink whiskey. But in the world of single malt and other fine whiskey super-dorks, there’s a hell of a lot more to these dark spirits than slamming shots with your bros. In each sip lies hints and touches, stenches and burns, sweet and bitter, emotion – each layer of taste with its own complexity. And for an educated patron of whiskeys, that’s what drinking whisky is all about.


Wednesday: February 4, 2009

stuntman4 Things I Learned at Stuntman School

Jackie Chan is a complete puss! Well…. not really….. but I thought that would make a real eye-catchy opening sentence for a blog about professional stuntman school. These high-falling, dragged-by-car, set-on-fire, roughens are the one’s who take the punch and blows so precious actors like Tom Cruise walk away unscathed. Stuntmen are the cowboys of the film industry. Most importantly these buccaneers really love what they do. Why? Because it’s a f**king cool job! Here are a few things I learned at professional stunt man school.


406 Bands Who Twitter

Holy f**king sh*tstorm do we have a Twitter list for you! First we had celebrity hotties, then your favorite porn stars – and now you’re favorite bands! Below is the most comprehensive list of musicians, DJs and bands who use Twitter on the Internet. With a list this ridiculously extensive there’s going to be a lot of bands you have never heard mixed in with a lot of bands you know like the back of your hand. In fact, there’s so many Twitter accounts here, you’ll probably need to take a break before you get to the end. And if you do get to the end, give yourself a pat on the back – you deserve it. Enjoy!


Tuesday: February 3, 2009


Miss COED January 2009 Showdown – Vote Now

We here at COED work hard to bring you the hottest girls from around the world every day with our Miss COEDs. But it’s about damn time we find out who’s the hottest of them all. So from now on, we will be putting every Miss COED from the past month head-to-head to decide Miss COED of the Month. First up, Miss COED January 2009! Voting will end Monday, Feb 9th. But we have to warn you, there’s so many uber-hotties here, it’s going to be a tough decision.


Top 8 Alan Moore Illustrated Novels, Other Than Watchmen

Author Alan Moore turned the comics genre on its head and opened the doors for more mature stories in a medium that is considered child-fare with his seminal series Watchmen, soon to be a major motion picture. But Watchmen isn’t Alan Moore’s only work of genius – he is responsible for many of the greatest comic books and graphic novels ever written. Some you may recognize from the movies, while you others you may not. But regardless, these eight graphic novels are some of the most badass you’ll ever see.


Monday: February 2, 2009


The Week In Re-Boob: Jan 28th – Feb 2nd

Welp, it’s a Monday, and you know what that means! Another Week In Re-Boob! We’ve got all the hottest galleries the interweb has to offer. So don’t worry if you missed any of last week’s skintastic sexiness, we’ve got you completely covered. You might want to take a deep breath before diving into this one.


Vote for Miss Howard TV of the Year! Photo Edition

Everyone knows that Howard Stern has some of the hottest chicks out there getting as close to naked as possible on his show. And now Howard TV is crowning their first ever Miss Howard TV of the Year! Over the past 12 months these girls have visited the studios and drove you wild over the air. Now it’s time to take a better look at each of the hotties and decide which deserves the crown

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