The Top 50 Sexiest WAGs of World Sport 2009

It’s no secret – sports stars get the hottest tail out of anyone on the planet. In fact, the girls they pull are so fly, they have their own category of hotness: WAGs – wives and girlfriends. Here in the US, we got this ball rolling in 2007 with “The Top 20 Sexiest Athletes’ Wives of 2007” and again last May with “The 50 Sexiest WAGs of World Soccer.” But in the last year, the category has blown up to include all big-time professional sports. So we’ve narrowed down this massive field of sexy ladies to The Top 50 WAGs of World Sport 2009. This one’s so hot it requires a breather!

[Editor’s Note: Gemma Atkinson and Marcus Bent split last month, which is why she’s not on this list.]

#50  Hilary Duff

Significant Other: Mike Comrie [Center, New York Islanders]

Ah, Hilary Duff – the cutesy blond turned bombshell. Originally made famous for her albums and roles in the television series Lizzie McGuire and the movie Cheaper by the Dozen, Duff has since blown up into a household name, known by teenie-boppers and 53-year-old alcoholic creepers alike.

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#49  Michelle Marsh

Significant Other: Will Haining [Futbol, St. Mirren]

Nobody embodies the term ‘Busty Brit’ like Michelle Marsh. She’s been a Page Three girl, and posed for Loaded, Perfect 10, Nuts, Maxim, Zoo and Playboy. With a cup size of 32FF, she’s at the top of the current British glamor model class.

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#48  Jamie Kotsay

Significant Other: Mark Kotsay [Baseball, Boston Red Sox]

The wife of Red Sox outfielder Mark Kotsay, Jamie is arguably the hottest baseball wife out there. She’s done a bit of modeling here and there, but really, Jamie’s just a trophy wife. When the trophy is as pretty as she is, there’s nothing wrong with that!

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#47  Willa Ford

Significant Other: Mike Modano [Hockey, Dallas Stars]

Willa is technically a singer/songwriter. She sang a song called “I Wanna Be Bad” back in 2001, and proceeded to do just that by posing for Playboy. Awesome for us, since her music isn’t anything special, and her body totally is. She’ll be playing Anna Nicole Smith in an upcoming TV movie. Let’s hope the similarities end there!

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#46  Louise Redknapp

Significant Other: Jamie Redknapp [Futbol]

Some women are named hottest woman of the month. Others are named hottest woman of the year. But not Louise. In 2004, FHM UK named her the hottest woman of the DECADE. Whether you agree with that sentiment or not, there’s no denying that Louise is off the charts hot, with a dash of British sophistication thrown in to keep everything legit.

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#45  Tanya Robinson*

Significant Other: Steven Taylor [Futbol, Newcastle]

At a petite 5’3, Tanya makes up for what she lacks in height with her 34D breasts. Just like every British glamor model, she’s made appearances in Zoo and FHM, but unlike her other contemporaries, she’s appeared FHM‘s ‘100 Sexiest’ list for five years in a row.

*There are mixed reports whether or not Tanya and Steven are still together. But she’s hot, so we’re going with “yes.”

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#44  Aleka Kamila

Significant Other: Peja Stojakovic [Basketball, New Orleans Hornets]

This Greek model measures in at a leggy 5’10.5″. Being that tall is important when your husband is Serbian NBA baller Peja Stojaković. Since she’s so tall and breathtaking, she does more high fashion modeling than the majority of the girls on this list, having appeared in the pages of Madame, Marie Claire and Esquire.

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#43  Alessia Merz

Significant Other: Fabio Bazzani [Futbol, Pescara Calcio]

An Italian model and actress, Alessia Merz has been a fixture in Italian television and movies since 1992. She’s also appeared in the pages of countless magazines like Maxim, and worked as one of the exclusive Guess models.

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#42  Carrie Underwood

Significant Other: Mike Fisher [Hockey, Ottawa Senators]

One of the few American Idol alums who has been able to maintain a singing career after the reality TV fame fizzled, Carrie had the most successful 2008 of any singer out there. She had the top selling country album of the year, won both the CMA and ACM Female Vocalist of The Year awards, and on top of all that managed to maintain her incredible looks.

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#41  Debora Salvalaggio

Significant Other: Vítor Hugo Gomes Paços [Futbol, Portsmouth F.C]

Italian women! There aren’t enough of them on this list, but as the old saying goes, it’s quantity, not quality, and Debora Salvalaggio is as quality as they come. Debora is a model (duh) who has very specific working conditions. For example, she won’t take part in any photo shoots that require her to cover her breasts. If that’s not your kind of woman, we feel sorry for you.

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#40  Laura Cover

Significant Other: Aaron Boone [Baseball, Houston Astros]

Married to Houston Astros infielder Aaron Boone, Laura is blessed with a busty body, foxy face and a fitting last name. While somewaht past her prime, Laura graced the pages of Playboy multiple times back in the late ’90s, and was even Playmate of the Month in October ’98. File this one under MILF, and don’t ever take that as a negative.

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#39  Eva Longoria Parker

Significant Other: Tony Parker [Basketball, San Antonio Spurs]

The only reason that Desperate Housewives was ever watchable (all you Nicolette Sheridan fans can suck it), she’s one of the few ladies in Hollywood willing to take her husband’s last name as her own. Tony Parker plays for keeps! If you’ve ever questioned Eva’s hotness, check out her Bebe Sport modeling shots from last year. You’ll be converted in minutes.

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#38 Ilary Blasi

Significant Other: Francesco Totti [Futbol, Roma]

Not only in Ilary Blasi one of the hottest WAGs on Earth, this 27 year-old Italian actress and model got her first role at five years old. She was the co-host of Italy’s Festival della Canzone Italiana, a long-running song contest. She is currently working on Italia 1’s popular show Le lene and has been featured in multiple television commercials.

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#37  Nicole Scherzinger

Significant Other: Lewis Hamilton [F1 Racing]

You know Nicloe as the most prominent member of the Pussycat Dolls, and although its become a cliché at this point, you definitely with your girlfriend was hot like her. She’s got an exotic Hawaiian/Russian background, a slamming body, and believe it or not, some of her songs are even tolerable. (Kidding…we’re totally kidding about that last part. All her songs suck.)

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#36  Oksana Andersson

Significant Other: Christian Wilhelmsson [Futbol, Al-Hilal]

Oksana is a Russian born model currently residing in Sweden with a body that can only be described as ‘unfair’. She’s modeled for all the standards like FHM, Maxim and Nuts, and is currently acting as a backup dancer for Swedish electronic group Sunblock. Girls don’t come much more unattainable than this one.

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#35  Erica Ellyson

Significant Other: Clay Buchholz [Baseball, Boston Red Sox]

Props to Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz for nabbing Penthouse Pet of the Year 2008, Erica Ellyson. Not only is she super hot, but there are videos of her masturbating all over the internet. So, excuse us, Clay, we’re going to go have some me time…

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#34  Amii Grove

Significant Other: Jermaine Pennant [Futbol, Portsmouth]

Amii hase been competing in beauty pageants since she was 18, and won the Miss Bikini World competition in 2004. Over in the UK she’s known as “the bum from Brum,” which means the’s from Birmingham, and has a nice ass.

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#33  Valentina Zambrotta

Significant Other: Gianluca Zambrotta [Futbol, Milan]

Valentina has a sexy name, a soccer playing husband, and two very awesome, very Spanish, very natural boobs. And that’s pretty much all we know about this looker. But really, do you care about anything else?

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#32  Elisha Cuthbert

Significant Other: Dion Phaneuf [Hockey, Calgary Flames]

By now, Elisha is an institution in the mind of every American male. Starting on the first season of 24 and working her way up to films like The Girl Next Door, Old School and Captivity, she’s one of the most gorgeous girls in Hollywood. We’d let Keefer Sutherland have his way with us for an entire week just for a shot at Elisha. It’s that serious.

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#31  Adriana (Sklenaříková) Karembeu

Significant Other: Christian Karembeu [Futbol]

Born in Slovakia, 37-year-old Adriana Karembeu has appeared in the pages of countless magazines, including Playboy and Maxim. But it’s her legs that have brought her the most attention, earning her a spot in the The Guinness Book of World Records for her 50-inch stems.

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#30  Imogen Thomas

Significant Other: Ibrahim Sonko [Futbol, Reading]

A former Miss Wales ’03, winner of the Sexiest Women in Wales in ’06, and contestant on the popular UK show Big Brother, Imogen is one of the only ladies on this list who isn’t affraid to go topless… and more. A sextape of her and her ex, Leighton Brookfield, leaked a few years ago, which, believe it or not, boosted her carrer as a model. Funny how that happens!

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#29  Casey Connelly

Significant Other: Sam Keller [Football, Oakland Raiders]

Sam Keller may have failed in his attempt to become an NFL star QB, but he did get a sweet consolation prize. Casey is an Arizona born bikini model, and was easily the hottest girlfriend of the 2008 round of NFL draftees.

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#28  Jessica Simpson

Significant Other: Tony Romo [Football, Dallas Cowboys]

No matter what you think of Jessica Simpson or her music, no living, breathing man can say that this blond bombshell isn’t something special. We admit, she’s not the best singer or actress out there, but when you can fill out a bikini this well, there’s no way people aren’t going to take pictures of you. Problems arise when you start filling one out too much…

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#27  Danielle Bux

Significant Other: Gary Linekar [Futbol]

If more of the women working on airplanes went on to pose in their underwear for a living like Danielle, we’d complain a lot less about how horrible flying is. A former Virgin Atlantic stewardess, Bux has now found her true calling as a lingerie model. Her last name predicted the whole thing.

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#26  Jennifer Scholle

Significant Other: James Blake [Tennis]

Jennifer is UK tennis star James Blake’s ex-girlfriend, and for a year or two was the sexiest thing that the sport had going for it. When you consider the Kournikova factor, that’s no small accomplishment.

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