Top 5 Most Disturbing Breastfeeding Videos of All-Time



Breastfeeding is one of those strange activities in life that everybody does, but nobody besides mothers are really comfortable with. It’s not quite gross, not quite sexy, not quite anything but strange. And these five videos take that strangeness to a whole new level. From world records to weird commercials to (of course) something Japanese, we present to you the Top 5 Most Disturbing Breastfeeding Videos of All-Time!

5. Breastfeeding World Record

This one’s not so much “disturbing” as it is just strange. First of all, it has to be about 1000-degrees in there, just from the sheer body-mass. But besides that, who’s bright idea was it to try to get hundreds of women together to breastfeed? And why did anyone agree to do it? Breaking a world record is cool, but it’s not giant-pain-in-the-ass cool.


4. Breastfeeding Man Commercial

There seems to be a trend in advertising these days that assumes the best way to persuade people to buy your product is to creep them the hell out. And a fat dude breastfeeding a baby definitely falls into that category. What’s next – killing puppies to sell dog food? Hey, that’s not a bad idea….


3. Real Breastfeeding Men

As if a dude fake breastfeeding weren’t weird enough, it turns out it’s actually possible for men to breastfeed – at least according to this video. And for some reason, this guy thinks the idea is just brilliant. But if for some reason I ever start leaking anything out of my nipples, I’m going to be very – very – upset.


2. Breastfeeding 8 Year Old

For some supremely disturbing reason, this lady has decided to breastfeed her children well past the norm – one child is 5, the other 8-years-old. And the two seem to think the whole thing is fantastic. Little do they know that once they reach adulthood, they’re going to have a far different opinion on the matter. And they can tell it to their therapist as much as they want…


1. Breastfeeding the Cat


(click image to watch video)

OK – What the F**K?! Every time I think Japanese people have reached their peak of strangeness, the go and do something like breastfeed a freakin’ cat. I mean, I can accept that other cultures are different than my own, but sometimes you have draw a line. And this seems like a good time to do that.

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