Say Hello To Your New 2009 USC Song Girls


Say Hello To The New 2009 USC Song Girls

It seems the big news in L.A. late this week was the revealing of the 2009 USC Song Girls squad. Let’s get our thoughts on the table and move onto more important items like why the Ole Miss coach isn’t giving it to his pretty hot wife, Kimber. [Busted Coverage]


070311_krzyzewski_vlg_6pwidecCoach K Is Royally Pissed at Raleigh

With the exception of riding D Wade, LeBron and Kobe to Olympic Gold, Coach K has struggled a bit recently. Since choking away an 8-point lead with three minutes to go in the Final Four in 2004, the Blue Devils haven’t been back, losing in the Sweet 16 to Michigan State and LSU (JJ Redick’s final game, when he shot 3-of-18), then in the first round to VCU, and last year in the second round to West Virginia. So with his No. 2 Blue Devils 16-1, Coach K decided to dip into the pocket of his Brooks Brothers suit and pull out the respect card. [The Big Lead]


carroll_sanchezDude Where’s My Quarterback?

Southern Cal coach Pete Carroll has this reputation for being one of the more laid-back and personable guys in college football. That reputation might take a hit after throwing a mighty hissy fit after his quarterback, Mark Sanchez, announced that he would skip his senior year and enter the NFL draft. Carroll, who probably pays his players anyway, was surely pissed. And said so. [With Leather]

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