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America’s Hottest Coaches Wife Pops Out Another Kid



Tennessee’s first football family added a new baby boy last night. His name is Monte Knox Kiffin, which will not leave any emotional scars when his dad inevitably gets run out of town. [Deadspin]


hometown_hottie_15I Bet At Least 1/2 These Hometown Hotties Are In College

I’ve decided that for my first hot chick search term I will use the phrase “hometown hottie.” No doubt I’ll mostly be getting Maxim Girl results but then again, is that such a bad thing? I’ve tried to limit my results to women I didn’t really recognize but there were some women I couldn’t really resist. Here are 20 amazingly hot girls as a result of typing “hometown hottie” into Google. [Uncoached]


ufUF Stripper Does Celebratory Pole Dance

Last week’s BCS Championship was the University of Florida’s fourth major sports championships in the last three years, and yet I somehow don’t despise their fan base.   Except change “somehow” to “because their co-eds do celebratory pole dances.”  Hey, the apartment already has a pole; it’d be a shame for it to go to waste, am I right? [With Leather]

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