Will Forte Invites the BCS to <em>S His D</em> on SNL [VIDEO]


Note to the BCS: Wake the F**k UP!  Your system blows and the credibility of the title of National Championship is a laughable joke.  Sure, numerous calls from the fans, ticket-holders and even the President-Elect to develop a sensible play-off system have continuously fallen on deaf ears… but maybe it’s not your fault.  Maybe the message just needs to be dumbed down in song with a catchy little hook to get it through your dense effing skulls.  Well our friends at SNL have done just that and Icouldn’t have said it better.  “I love the BCS… It’s the best system ever devised neck and neck with the electoral college.  And if you have some sort of problem with that, I invite you to S my D.

Check Out Will Forte’s ‘I Love the BCS Song’ on SNL Here

(note: The BCS Song starts about 1 minute in)

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