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Why You Should See The Unborn… Besides Odette Yustman


3115931076_9a2d66d232The original title of this story was going to be 3 Reasons to See The Unborn on Friday and reasons 1-3 were all related to Odette Yustman’s off the chart babe-o-rama status – specifically the film’s shower scene and her two underwear scenes – it was wonderful!

But when my Odette obsession subsided I got to thinking about the movie itself, and realized that, even if you took Odette out of the equation, this movie would still kick major ass!

The Unborn is intense, chilling (think The Ring on ‘roids) and a few scenes even had me doing that hands up near the face, kinda blocking the screen but still watching through the cracks of my spread open fingers thing. I’m no pussy, but possessed children popping out of left field every few seconds and backwards head crab people scare the crap out of me.

At a concise 96 minutes The Unborn makes it a great date movie so definitely, definitely, definitely call up that girl you’ve been flirting with on AIM and check it out in theaters on Friday.

  • COED Writer