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De-friend 10 People, Get a Free Whopper



Is Burger King the most web savvy fast food chain ever? They sure want you to think so! From sponsoring that really important P. Diddy YouTube channel to single handedly inventing softcore chicken webcam porn to putting a hamburgery spin on the word ‘virgin’, they’re definitely on the cutting edge of new, 21st century style burger marketing.

But if all that stuff isn’t Web 2.0 enough for you, don’t worry, BK has you covered. They’re upping the ante and making a foray into the world of social networking. That’s right, they’ve done the previously unthinkable and invented a killer fast food Facebook app. They’re big idea? De-friend ten people, and win a free Whopper!

Dubbed The Whopper Sacrifice, BK’s big idea seems to stem from the question ‘How far would you go to eat a free Whopper?’ as if de-friending ten people in virtual land is some sort of Herculean task. And to be fair, maybe it is. I know if someone de-friended me just to get a free hamburger (retail value $2.39) I would totally not talk to them ever again, be it online or in real life. I would be SO MAD, but mostly because they de-friended me before I could de-friend them because oh man I want that free Whopper so bad I can already taste it!

COED Writer