Dozens Arrested At New Year’s Bowl Games

Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco agents arrested 46 underage drinkers at new Years Weekend football games in South Florida.

ABT agents arrested 26 people for possession of alcoholic beverages by an underage person and one for a fugitive warrant at the Orange Bowl Classic on New Year’s Day. [CBS4]

Yale Hires First Black Football Coach

Tom Williams, a defensive assistant coach with the Jacksonville Jaguars, will be the next football coach at Yale.

Williams, 39, will replace Jack Siedlecki, who retired after 12 seasons and took a job as an associate athletic director with the school. Williams will be the first black football coach at Yale and the second in Ivy League history. [Courant]

5 Ways to Spend Slightly Less On Textbooks

It’s no secret that the price of college textbooks is outrageous. It’s basically just your arm, your leg, and a down payment on your firstborn these days.

I went to the bookstore yesterday to pick up books for second semester and decided to buy only half; while I’ll certainly go back and buy the books I can’t find other places, it’s hard to justify spending $500.00 on textbooks. [Examiner]

Boston College Threatens Coach Over Jets Interview
Boston College Threatens Coach Over Jets Interview
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