Your mission: Howe Caverns, New York

iebjabledcwv61fkmlSometimes, in order to get an awesome thrill, you need to crawl out of your element a bit.  And by crawl….I mean crawl.  Have you tried spelunking?

It’s one of the best body highs you adrenaline junkies (or aspiring adrenaline junkies) could ever hope for.  It has this f*cked up way of terrifying you and fulfilling you simultaneously and trust me, that’s a good thing.

Caves aren’t normally too hard to find, at least not in the U.S.A.  Scouting down good caves, however, does get tricky in certain parts of the U.S.A.

Finding good caves around large cities, for instance, can be a challenge.  It’s not that they don’t exist, it’s just that they’re not as in demand for city-slickers in most cases and therefore, harder to find.

Finding decent caves worth your time near New York City might be the biggest challenge of all.  Thanks to Howe Caverns, though, spelunking and being a New Yorker can, in fact, work together.

Howe Caverns, located to the west of Albany, is only 2-3 hours from New York City.  And it’s well worth the drive.  Not only are the sprawling caves well managed and beckoning, but three different types of tours are offered through the caves:  the lantern tour, the traditional boat tour, and the adventure tour.

I can proudly speak on behalf of both the traditional boat tour and the adventure tour when I say that Howe Caverns is amazing.

If you find yourself to be one of the concrete jungle herd, consider doing something revitalizing for your body and mind like spelunking.  Because it’s bad ass.

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