‘Tis the Season… to Make Babies!

Starting this coming Wednesday, and lasting until, say, next Wednesday, your chances of getting laid are dramatically increased. A new study has shown that this week long period, otherwise known as “the holidays”, is about more than just giving gifts — it’s also about having sex, and lots of it.

More condoms are sold, more babies are conceived and more virginities are lost during the coming week than at any other time of year. Joy to the World!

To some of you, this isn’t a big deal. You get laid all the time, and the uninhibited, random sex that you reliably stumble into every New Year’s Eve isn’t much different than the uninhibited, random sex you had last Tuesday. Congratulations, you are awesome. But! If you’ve spent the duration of 2008 sexless, stop making excuses and start taking notes. The reproductive season is in full swing, and you’ve got one week left to turn it around make this a year to remember.

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