Celebrate Hanukkah With The 54 Hottest Jews In All The Land!

To get in on the Hanukkah festivities (which start today), we’ve decided to introduce you to the sexiest Chosen Ones this side of Tel Aviv.

If you’re on a mission to find the world’s hottest Jewish girls (why wouldn’t you be?), there’s no better place to look than Hollywood, USA. In our feature The Top 10 Hot Ass Hollywood Jews you’ll find knockouts like Scarlett Johansson and my personal favorite Bar Rafaeli. You might even be pleasantly surprised to hear that Emmanuelle Chriqui and Rachel Blison will be spinning the dradel too.

If Rambo type chicks are your thing, then 44 Reasons to Support Israel is your ticket to boner-ville as we take a look at the super sexy girls of the Israel Defense Forces – mmm, nothing like Heat Packin’ Honnies to get your blood boiling.

Sorry, did I mention Bar Rafaeli is hot? She is clearly the hottest Jew in all the land and if you disagree check out this photographic proof!

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