Photo-Blog Your Life

If you’re into Twitter, you’re going to love Radar. Started with the idea that mobile phone cameras often have little practical use day-to-day – and need one – allows you to show your friends what you’re up to, from anywhere, just by snapping a shot. Like Twitter does for words, Radar gives you a place to directly upload a photo from your phone to your Radar account, where other people can check it out, either just your friends or anyone in the Radar community. 

Rather than just showing photos from last night’s party, Radar is more for casual use, like “Check out this gnarly burger I’m eating,” or “this is the guy that just kidnapped me.” Sign up is free, and they are also releasing an awesome iPhone application, soon. And, like any service like this, it gets better the more people you know who are using, so let your friends know, this could be the next big thing.

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