Using Social Media To End The Spread Of STDs

Every now and then COED takes a break from the beer, boobs, and dogs dressed in Christmas costumes to do something of a serious nature for a good cause. Today is that day…hear me out.

Did you know that every year in the U.S. there are 19 million new cases of STDs, many of which are contracted by college students like yourself? That’s roughly the population of New York State!

With the help of COED and all of you, Trojan Condoms and MTV will be giving away 1 million condoms on college campuses and in urban locations through their “Evolve One Evolve All” campaign.

For every comment left on a video on the site, Trojan will donate 1 condom to those with out the means to go out and buy them. For every rating left on the site, another one. If someone takes the pledge or the quiz on the site, Trojan will donate 2 condoms. Every time the site is forwarded to a friend, Trojan will donate 3 condoms, and if you upload a video, Trojan will donate 5 condoms.

Just think of all the chances we have to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted disease just by sitting at our computers. You can tell how far along we are by looking at the counter on the site at (If you do look, you will see we still have a ways to go.)

I was hoping that all of you could help us build awareness for this campaign by checking out the site and passing it along to a few friends. The more awareness that we can raise, the more lives that can be saved. Now, enjoy a lion riding a horse!

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