Weekly DVD Drop: The Dark Knight

This week’s DVD Drop is a complete no-brainer.  The Dark Knight was one of the most successful summer releases this year and my guess is that pretty much every single one of you went out and saw this movie.  It picks up where Batman Begins ends and allows the audience to watch the continued evolution of Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego Batman.

Dark Knight brings back two villains from the Batman series: Joke and Two-Face.  Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker will no doubt garner him at least an Oscar nomination.  As good as Jack Nicholson was, Ledger took the Joker to a whole new level.  Viewers see the Joker as the face of pure evil.

Aaron Eckhart plays new District Attorney Harvey Dent (a role previously played by Tommy Lee Jones).  Bruce picks Harvey to be the new face of good for Gotham City, only to have Harvey become Two-Face.

Forget renting this one: go and buy it.  This is one of the best films of the year and is one that you should definitely have on your shelf.

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