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Stuart Scott’s Eye Ball Explained


Anyone who has ever seen ESPN’s “SportsCenter” knows that anchor Stuart Scott has a weird looking left eye. Like Tina Fey’s face scar, it’s a deformity that is often questioned but never answered. (OK, Tina answered, finally.)

So was Stuart born with a lazy eye? Does Stuart have a glass eye ball? Did he get popped in the face by Sterling Sharpe? All the rumors are laid to rest after the jump!

In 2002 Stuart was on the field with the New York Jets running drills with their wide receivers for a piece about NFL training camps. Stu was taking the practice very seriously catching passes from Chad Pennington all day.

Near the end of practice the wideouts began work on the “Jugs” machine, think of it as a pitching machine for wide receivers, shooting footballs out at a high speed so the players can work on their hands.

Stu had been “catching everything that day in practice from the quarterbacks” and decided to give the Jugs machine a shot. Turns out Stu was a little to close to the machine and it was cranked up to high. Long story short instead of catching the football with his hands Stu caught it with his eye ball.

The injury was very serious and required emergency surgery. Stu doesn’t have a glass eye and has since had multiple reconstructive surgeries, but from that point on his eye ball has never looked the same.

There you have it, mystery solved!

  • COED Writer