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Tuesday’s Album Releases: The Killers


The Killers have become much like George W. to me.  With each passing year, I found myself asking more intently: are people really falling for this?  I don’t mean to be a hater.  In fact, I thought, “Mr. Brightside” was a cute and catchy song.  But with their new album, “Day & Age“, I’m thoroughly shocked.

Are The Killers blatantly ripping off the 80’s, in whole, or has no one told them that it’s all been done?  Eh.  But hey, if you’re into that scene, regardless of originality, this album will probably be something that you love.

While we’re talking about people making music that’s been done, Scott Weiland comes to mind.  His new album, “Happy [in Galoshes]“, is pretty precious.  First of all, it’s called, “Happy”, and anyone who can google Scott can figure out why that’s ironic.

The music certainly is a definite step down from his prior projects…and someone needs to let him know that the guitar is waaaayyyyy too loud in the mix.  Then again, the overall sound is very Scott Weiland-ish.  So if you’re into him, you might be able to ignore the atrocities of his solo project and still accept it with open arms.

Want to know about an album I will actually stand behind this week?


Ludacris, “Theater of The Mind“.

I’m not even a “rap” person per se, but it’s well-produced with catchy hooks and creative rhymes.  He even talks about going green in his single, “Wish You Would”.  See?  He’s doing good with his gangster rap.

Kanye West, “808’s and Heartbreak“.  Kanye might be a drama-queen diva who I love to hate on every time he acts up, but his music speaks for itself.  Again.

Other albums released today:

Coldplay, “Prospekt’s March EP

Good Charlotte, “The Greatest Remixes

The International Noise Conspiracy, “Cross of My Calling

Paramore, “The Final Riot! (live album)

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