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Playboy Seeks Student Writer To Cover ’09 Final Four


Playboy Seeks Student Sportswriter To Cover The 2009 Final Four

The first line of Playboy’s advertisement immediately caught my eye: Do you think you have what it takes to be the next Rick Reilly? Oh, do go on! America’s favorite ensconced-in-plastic magazine wants your help again, and they ain’t looking for commenters this time.

Playboy U is looking for a student college basketball writer to cover the Final Four. Could it be you? (Sorry, no scantily clad models. Just a trip to Detroit). [Deadspin]

A College Sophomore Solves the Financial Crisis

I went to a school that prided itself on its commitment to the value of a “classical education,” and required every student to take two years of Latin. At the same time, the faculty was all too happy to send kids off to the lion’s den of adulthood without any knowledge of credit cards, student loans, the stock market, or how to purchase a car. [The Daily Beast]

Notre Dame Ejects 22 People From Their Last Game

A season-high number of 22 people were ejected from the Stadium on Saturday for “violations of Stadium rules,” according to Assistant Director of Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) David Chapman. Which rules were violated and information regarding consequences of the snowball throwing and marshmallow fight was not available as of press time. Fourteen people were arrested Saturday on the Notre Dame campus, according to Chapman. [The Observer]

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