“Just the Tip” And 4 Other Ways to Seal the Deal

This is not dating advice. This is getting laid advice. When you’ve done everything you need to do to get her back to your place and you just need that extra little bit to take it over the edge, this is where these lines come in.

Now, you might not believe these work – they seem too sneaky, too transparent and too stupid. But that says nothing of their surprising effectiveness. These magical lines should only be said while making out, not while you’re still at the bar. So read closely and take notes because if used properly, these five gems will get you laid.

“Just the Tip
The king of sneaky things to say to take her over the edge, this humdinger works damn near every time. In fact, it’s on a whole other level than the rest of these. The known secret about “Just the tip” is that it’s never just the tip. You know it, she knows it, and that’s totally OK.

The perfect combination of clear intent, guilt-free consent and a reasonable proposition, “Just the Tip” can make even the most prude woman melt with your poorly concealed attempt. “C’mon baby, just the tip?” “Just the tip?” “Just the tip.” Play it like that, and you’re in like Flint.

“Do You Have Anything To Do Tomorrow Morning?
The most subtle of options, this simple question hints at your intentions without putting her on the spot. It shows you care about her plans, which never hurts. And it gives her reassurance that you’re not just planning to ditch before morning (even if you do). Use this line when dealing with a grad student, law student or any ladies with a career – they’re going to the most time conscious. And it helps if they seem to be shy or holding back.

“I Want You to Feel Good
Translated into horny girl speak, this says, “I’m going to go down on you.” Which is a prerequisite for this line working. Thing is, it’s not a bad idea no matter what line you use. Most women think you suck in bed and the quickest way to making it not suck is to give them a real orgasm every time. Don’t know what you’re doing? Tell her to show you what she does, while you continue to touch her. That at least gives you a good place to start. Questions like “Light or heavy?” are always good. Take care of her needs first, and she’ll help you take care of yours.

“No Goals
This is the opposite of “I want you to feel good.” This tells the woman that you are not “Just trying to get in her pants.” Now, you both know that you’re trying to get in her pants – I mean, what the hell’s the point? But put that all out of your head and just let things flow. Pay attention to her hips and her mouth. If she seems hungry, move things forward. Be confident but gentle and things will be going your way in no time.

“Just for a Minute
More bold than Just the Tip, “Just for a minute” is best used with a girl you know wants to go all the way, but is holding back on a thread for one reason or another. “Just a minute” makes her feel like you’re “not really having sex,” even though you most certainly are. Girls use these word tricks to convince themselves that it’s OK to have what they want. So unless you completely suck in the sack, “a minute” will quickly turn into as long as it takes.

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Sex: You’re Doing It Wrong
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