Sex: You’re Doing It Wrong

According to a new survey by Men’s Fitness and Shape magazine, 85-percent of dudes think of themselves as “good” or “excellent” in the sack. However, the same survey reports that half of women think “very few” of the men they’ve been with have been good in bed, says the NY Post.

Additionally, seven out of 10 women admitted to faking orgasms – the exact same number of men who believe they give their lady an orgasm every time. So basically, a whole lot of dudes think they’re a whole lot better at satisfying women than they really are.

Now, your first reaction might be, “Haha, what losers!” But that’d be the wrong approach. In fact, that’s exactly why this disparity of opinion exists.

For whatever idiotic reason, many women (7 in 10, to be exact) think it’s better to keep quiet about their partner’s poor performance and fake an orgasm. But by doing that, they’re just tricking the guys into thinking they’re good when they’re not, thus perpetuating the problem.

I’m not saying it’s easy to tell a dude he sucks at sex – no dude wants to hear that. And I’m sure many times it’s just not worth the effort. But if you ladies think a guy is going to get better at doing something he already thinks he’s awesome at without someone breaking the news, you’re going to be terribly disappointed for the rest of your lives. Remember, it takes two to tango…

And dudes, you have to admit, this is a miserable performance review. So here’s a quick hint – TALK TO YOUR GIRL. Ask her what she likes, what she doesn’t like. Make it perfectly clear to her that you want to know how to please her. If she doesn’t think your ego’s going to go run off and cry in a corner, then you stand a much better chance at getting a straight answer out of her. Don’t and you’ve got another thing comin’…you know, or not.

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