Mmmm…Bacon iPhone Case

So I just got an iPhone yesterday and it’s already been an enormous time-waster/pain in the ass. I think I got the pain in the ass part figured out, but that will only add to the time-wasting…Anyway, I avoided being up-sold at the AT&T store and walked out case-free. But that doesn’t mean I don’t need to protect the dang thing. Fortunately, someone’s created possibly the greatest iPhone case on the planet – the bacon iPhone case.

Now, this thing’s pretty ugly, I’ll admit. But I’ll admit something else – bacon is freakin’ delicious. In fact, bacon’s so good, if I had to choose between sex and this particular pork product, it’d come down to a coin toss.

So since this case protects your iPhone – even the screen, unlike many of the popular cases – was made in Germany (they make good cars, at least) and resembles the most fantastic food ever created by man and/or beast, I can only conclude that this is the best iPhone case on Earth. Prove me wrong…

(Image: Gizmodo)
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