Cheerleaders Give Rat Poison Brownies To Rivals

Texas Cheerleaders Give Rat Poison Laced Brownies To Rival Team

Parents of students on the dance team at a Texas high school allege members of a rival team prepared a gift of baked goods laced with rat poison and bleach. Exchanging gifts and pranks is a tradition among Texas high school dance and cheerleading teams before football games. But the parents from Andress High School in El Paso said putting poison and laxatives in brownies and cupcakes and giving them to unwitting rivals is well beyond a prank.

FSU Football Players Involved In Big Campus Brawl

Multiple Florida State football players and members of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity were involved in an on-campus fight Wednesday, according to FSU police. Police spokesman James Russell said officers responded at 12:37 p.m. to what he described as a “large fight” at Florida State’s student union. Russell said the melee involved at least 10 individuals.

Groom Rents UCLA Cheerleaders For His Wedding

Back in September we brought you news that UCLA cheerleaders could be ‘rented’ by the hour ($100) and it seems at least one lucky guy got a show the same day he became tied down for the rest of his life.

College Basketball 3-Point Line Pushed Back
College Basketball 3-Point Line Pushed Back
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