Your Phone Blows: The iPhone Ocarina App

Holy crap – the iPhone just got way crazier. Now, with the new Ocarina application (which cost only 99-cents) from Smule, your iPhone can turn into a freakin’ wind instrument. Just place your fingers over the virtual “holes” on the touch screen, blow into the microphone and presto! Your making music.

And it’s not just pre-recorded sounds. Ocarina works by reading the reverberations of the angle and amount of wind going into the mic then turning the fuzz into notes. This allows you to play any tune you want, from Led Zeplin to¬† the Star Spangled Banner. Smule even provides a score generator, giving you the ability to create whatever music you like. You can even share your songs live with other iPhone users across the globe. But make sure you practice first, since they can judge your performance once you’re done.

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