Kara Goucher Makes NYC Marathon Watchable/ Sexy

You may remember the lovely Kara Goucher from the Bejing Olympics… probably not because she finished 9th in the 5000m and 10th in the 10000m , but more likely because of the attention a certain Redeem Team player was throwing her way.

Well, today the married Mrs. Goucher is making headlines again, finishing an impressive third with a time of 2 hours, 25 minutes, 53 seconds in Sunday’s running of the ING NYC Marathon.

Typically I’d have more patience watching Monday Night Bingo at the Elks Lodge, than television marathon coverage, but Kara Goucher is quickly making me a believer.  In addition to bringing sexy back to a traditionally non-spectator-friendly sport, the 30 year-old Queens native is drawing the eyes of the running world being the first US woman in 14 years to stand top 3 in NYC.

I think SportsByBrooks nailed it on the head with their headline “Hottie Wins Third, But FIrst In My Heart”.

Check out SBB for more Kara Goucher pics.

Florida is Determined to F-up the Election…AGAIN
Florida is Determined to F-up the Election…AGAIN
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