Shooting at University of Central Arkansas

Shooting at University of Central Arkansas

It has been a pretty scary week on college campuses. First there was the shooting at Western Kentucky University, which prompted a campus lockdown to keep students safe. Last night there was yet another campus shooting, this time at the University of Central Arkansas.

Here is what we know. [College Candy]

Penn State Students Celebrate Victory Over Ohio State With Grace, A Little Rioting

Penn State students, after years of disgrace against Ohio State, let out their frustration in the early morning hours Sunday by ripping down street lights, blazing bushes and generally just busting up their campus.

And the police weren’t afraid of blasting these drunken idiots with mace. [Busted Coverage]

Texas Tech Fan Contest Winning Kicker Goes 6 for 6

The other day we introduced you to Matt Williams, the Texas Tech student who won a field-goal kicking contest during a timeout of the Red Raiders game against UMass earlier this year. In the tradition of all those movies we loved as kids, he is now the Texas Tech kicker.  Dreams can come true, kids.

Mr. Williams’ right leg is getting quite a workout against the Kansas Jayhawks this afternoon. He’s connected on all six of his PATs as Texas Tech is de-feathering Kansas, 42-14. [Sun Times]

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