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Party Girls of the Top 5 College Football Rivalries


Ladies and gentlemen, we’re in the thick of football season and that means college rivalries are in full swing. Since we already know which games are the most heated, we’ve decided to cover this sacred college tradition of hating one other school more than all the others by bringing you the best party pictures from these competition-fueled weekends. Sure, most of the pictures are of hot girls showing their school spirit, but what can we say? We’re biased.

1. Texas vs Oklahoma

Coming in a close second on the meanness scale (after Alabama/Auburn – see below) is OU vs Texas. Fought equidistant from both cities in Dallas, the Red River rivalry is a striking image event, with burnt orange on one side of the stadium and crimson and white on the other. And this one goes back ages, to 1900 – before Oklahoma was even a state! It’s even been said that political elections have been lost because of this game. And the beef is only getting hotter as the years grind on.

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2. OSU vs Michigan

No college football rivalry has a better history history than the epic school scuffle between OSU and Michigan. The two teams have 70 Big Ten titles under their belt, compared to 81 Big Ten titles for everyone else, since 1913.  And they’ve both landed the #1 or #2 spot 15 times since 1968. Beat that!

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3. Alabama vs Auburn “Iron Bowl”

Even the fans might want to wear pads and a helmet for this one. As the absolute most important game in the state every year, Alabama vs Auburn, known as the “Iron Bowl,” ranks as the meanest and most passionately fought games of the season. The game stopped for 41 years, between 1908 and 1947, because the two schools couldn’t agree on which referees to use. But today, it’s a fantastically fiery ordeal.

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4. USC vs Notre Dame

Legend has it that in 1925 a USC graduate assistant met “legendary” ND coach Knute Rockne, telling how much nicer the weather was in southern California and that it was a better place to play a game. Rockne’s wife loved the idea, and now we have a Top 10 rivalry. While not the fiercest battle of the bunch, the winner of this end-of-season game between the popular Midwest Irish and the glamorous sunshine boys of LA has gone on to win the national title 19 times, and the two school have produced 11 Heisman winners.

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5. Florida vs. Florida State

The “Sunshine Showdown,” (also known as “The Battle for the Governor’s Cup”) pits the University of Florida against Florida State in the state’s biggest college football rivalry, which started in 1958. Florida is ahead in this head-to-head, having won 32 games to Florida State’s 19 (and two ties). But if you only include games after FSU coach, Bobby Bowden took over in 1976, their 17-17-1. Could this year’s game give us a winner?

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