Tuesday’s Album Releases: Secret Machines

If you’re looking for a groovy way to get on board with sound-tracking your fall, I’d highly recommend that you grab the newest album from New York’s Secret Machines. The trippy-blues-esque band released their new album today, simply titled, “Secret Machines”. Even though I wasn’t ever all that sold on the band before, based on what I have heard of this album so far, I would put myself out there a bit and wager a bet that you won’t be disappointed with it.

In other album release news, Nikka Costa has released her “Pebble To A Pearl”  album today. I’ve always liked Nikka Costa for a few reasons. The most important of those reasons, however, is her music. She is a funk/soul singer who you can tell is sincere and totally authentic just by taking a listen. Her new song on this CD prove nothing but this fact and if you’re at all into anything with funk, you’ve gotta check her new album out.

Other albums released today:

Ray Lamontagne-“Gossip in the Grain
Keane-“Perfect Symmetry
Lucinda Williams-“Little Honey

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