Why All The Celebration, Baseball?

Forgive me for going on a tangent over the national pastime – but every time we advance into a new round of the baseball post-season we are subjected to watching baseball teams wearing goggles and running around the locker room pouring champagne and beer over everybody.  Now this is a terrific event when your team wins the CHAMPIONSHIP – but when you win the AL Wild Card?

Here is a perfect example: The Tampa Bay Devil Rays.  Now I want the Rays to win the whole thing just as much as the next guy (unless that guy lives in Philadelphia, Boston, or LA) but here is how they have celebrated.  The Rays won the AL East while on a road trip in Detroit.  After clinching the East the put plastic up in the locker room and they pasted each other with champagne.  The Rays then went ahead and beat the White Sox in the ALDS – once again they celebrated with a champagne toast.  Now if the Rays win again to advance to the World Series there will once again be another round of celebrating.  AND if the Rays win the 2008 World Series, yes they will once again celebrate with champagne.

Now these celebrations are not reserved solely for the Rays.  The Red Sox, Dodgers, and Phillies have all celebrated in similar fashion after each successive series win.  These constant celebrations seem reserved however only for Baseball.  When the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup they celebrated with champagne and beer.  The Wings did not do so after making the playoffs, beating Nashville, Colorado and Dallas.

It just feels like baseball is diminishing the playoff celebration.  I know that I will have to watch three more victory celebrations before I finally see a champion crowned.   It is entirely too much.

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