Sexy Halloween Costume-less

Every dude (except this one) loves Halloween for one reason and one reason only – super slutty costumes that show a lot of skin. But this year, it’s time to take things to the next level: costume-less.

Instead of dressing up to show less, why not cut to the chase and just paint the damn thing on? Luckily for us all, that’s exactly what these lovely ladies have done. Sure, it might get a bit cold on trick-or-treat night, but something tells us both the tricks and the treats are going to be hell of a lot better if this trend catches on.

A note to all you “employees” out there, this one is mildly NSFW. Yes, these women are “naked.” But if the nipple isn’t nipple-colored, then is it really nude? We say no, but your boss might say yes. So don’t be a dumbass – think before clicking on this one – and don’t say we didn’t warn you.  Happy Halloween!

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