Tour Eli Manning’s Pimped-Out Cyber Pad

At some point last year Eli Manning decided he wanted to become an NFL star and now a few months later (with a Super Bowl ring & MVP trophy and multiple commercial endorsements in tow) Manning is laughing his way to the bank.

Eli’s fully automated Hoboken, New Jersey condo he shares with new wife Abby was the subject of a recent profile piece for Electronic House.

One must see is the Batman-esque one touch hidden bar. Eli isn’t a flashy guy but as he explains, “I just wanted the place to have a little secret.”

If you are reading this, you didn’t win the genetic lottery and won’t be suiting up in the NFL/receiving the fat paycheck Eli does – sorry. But if anything, the tour of his condo could be used as motivation to work hard and land a killer job. But chance are, you’ll just get drunk like the rest of us.

Check out Eli Manning’s killer ninja house, here!

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