4 Questions for Entourage Season 5

Arguably the best show on television, Entourage, is in the middle of it’s fifth season. For those of you who watch the program, there are a lot of questions that still have to be answered before this season is up. And I’m stuck wondering how they are going to resolve some of the issues that are still out on the table. For those of you who don’t watch the show or who have it on DVR, I don’t think any of these questions are spoilers, but read with caution.

1. Will Sloan and Eric get back together? Season 4 left a bit of a cliffhanger to this question when Eric called her after running into her at the pool bar. It seemed that Eric still wasn’t over her and I always felt as though they were destined to be together. Hopefully there is some resolution to their relationship.

2. Will Vince get another job? This seems to be a yes because if he doesn’t the show would seemingly come to an end – but there are a lot of questions about the resurrection of his career. The show is in an odd place with Vince not having any money. This is a bold contrast to the early seasons where he was making money and living in luxury homes and driving $100,000 sports cars.

3. Will Turtle ever get a girlfriend? Back in Season 3 Turtle briefly dated Kelly and that seemed to be going pretty well – then that storyline vanished and Turtle is bouncing around the occasional girl. When is Turtle going to find a true love – or at least someone who sticks around for longer than a few episodes?

4. What is going to happen with Vince and Justine? Justine seems to be the one girl who could force Vince to be a one-woman guy and he return early in Season 5 leaves a lot of questions. Could one of Hollywood’s biggest womanizers finally be settling down?

Entourage airs at 10 PM every Sunday on HBO.

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